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? Final Countdown (Replay Is Closing!)

Time is of the essence because the replay of the workshop we held earlier this week is expiring TODAY.
>> Click Here To Watch The Replay NOW

To save you some time, here’s a time-stamp showing what was covered in our training workshop: 00:00 – A BIG Entrance (Helicopter, Mansion, and the works… you’ll see!)

02:13 – $2,500 A Week Online Income Stream … No Experience Needed

04:46 – $1.43M in Results From One Student… (Tyler — No Experience To Start!)

06:02 – Don’t need experience, tech skills, your own product, an email list, or clients

07:24 – This doesn’t involve any upfront costs – we share how to do this free

10:24 – We’ve tried everything online. Most business models don’t work.

13:02 – This automated business allows you to travel the world, enjoy time with family, friends, & earn 2,500 a week

14:52 – John’s story: Came from nothing. Corporate drone. House burned down in Malibu fires. Now earned $19M+.

27:32 – Step #1: To make $2,500 a week+, we need to get in front of the right people who will buy from us

32:34 – You don’t need to spend a penny on ads to do this. I grew to $1.15M with a secret resource

42:14 – Step #2: You need a PLACE to sell the product now. Let’s focus on where everyone already is!

47:45 – Step #3: Now you need to sell them the product, to earn commissions (easy)

51:46 – We’re giving you everything that makes this work. Repeat over and over for additional streams of recurring income.

59:21 – Super Affiliate System PRO Special Offer: Work with us directly to build this business

1:33:50 – $14,580.00 in Bonuses and Step-By-Step System: Special Offer Overview
** You get the exact step-by-step blueprint that grew John’s business to 19,700,000.00
** You’ll get 24/7 VIP Support, live coaching calls every week AND lifetime access to all of the coaches…
** You get the copy-and-paste ads to use that John & students have made 1,000,000’s with
** You get the 1-click install pre-sell pages to use (takes 2.5 minutes to set up)
** You succeed with this system OR you get your investment back (that means it’s zero risk)
** You’ll get $1,245.00 in FREE ad credits & will learn how to get started with free traffic
** You’ll get all of John’s personal buyer data for artificial-intelligence-driven ads
** You’ll get accepted into a secret program to make high-ticket commissions of $1,950.00 per sale
** You’ll get all of the case studies of students making $50,000.00+
** You’ll get an extra login for another business partner or friend to join in on SAS PRO with you…
** PLUS you’ll get a 1-on-1 call with John Crestani himself to get you started quickly…
** … and so much more …

2:02:33 – Massive student results and Q&A The 3-Step system we shared is simple, automated, and only requires 30 minutes per day of your time.

Even better, our special offer for “Super Affiliate System PRO” fast-tracks you to earning $2,500 extra a week while working less than 30 minutes per day.

In fact, after following “Super Affiliate System PRO”, Justin B. made $10,092.00 in his first week! >> Watch The Replay Now & Claim One Of The Last Remaining Spots!

We are only accepting 30 people into Super Affiliate System PRO… and only the FIRST 17 people will get the bonuses that we’re offering (so act FAST).

See you inside!
John Crestani 929 Colorado Ave. Santa Monica, California 90401 United States 1 (208) 345-4245

 ? Final Countdown (Replay Is Closing!)

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