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10 Emerging Markets (COVID Market Research Cheat Sheet)

I dug into 10 exploding markets during COVID and put them together in this…

10 Emerging Markets – COVID-19 Market Analysis
When things get shaken up, opportunities emerge…
While most are scared right now – now is the time to build.
I’ve been thinking and researching markets that are blowing up due to the current situation.
Some markets have shrunk. But many have been created.
So I put together a document analyzing 10 markets that are emerging.
These are “non-obvious” opportunities. If you thought of gloves and hand sanitizer, you’re way behind…
Each market analysis has an explanation of why it’s exploding, proof that it is going up, and example products within that market.
I would never just “hand you a product,” but this is a framework you can use to find other markets like these, or other products in these markets.
This is the most exciting thing I’ve put together in a while…
And it’s now included free to Zero to Brand members.

Screen Shot image 05 29 at 9.06.07 PM 10 Emerging Markets (COVID Market Research Cheat Sheet)
And you’ll also get the 10 Emerging Markets analysis, free.
Hope this helps. Take care!
Matt Loberstein
P.S. – You can always reply to my emails. I’m here! 

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 10 Emerging Markets (COVID Market Research Cheat Sheet)

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