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Month: June 2020

You’re A Hero To Someone

Hi , Nick here. Ever heard of imposter syndrome? 70% of successful people think that their success was gained under false pretense and that sooner or later they will be exposed for the imposter they truly are. David Bowie, a legendary musician suffered from imposter syndrome. He said: “I had enormous self-image problems and very low self-

Why Did The British Army Fail So Often During WWII, Despite Being Highly Mechanised A…?

Answer: Maybe because it was involved in the war from 1939 and had to find way.​.​.​AMZReader's DigestTop Stories For YouWhy did the British Army fail so often during WWII, despite being highly mechanised and very good in WWI? Dave Hopkin, former Troop Commander at Brtish Army (1977-1984)Written 8h agoMaybe because it was involved in the

You Just Never Know, Right? 🎫

Yup, you read that right, 1 in over 28,000,000!! And these “chances” are cheap either – $5 a pop. EACH! Nuts, right?! Well, there was about 15 of them so I guess that made their chances better???? Anyways, they have been doing this for literally 5 years now – every 2 weeks… Did they ever win? Clearly no

One Product Away?

Everything in life is usually just one step away… Miss someone? Pick up the phone and call him/her. Like someone? Go over and say “Hi.” Want something from someone? Simply ask. It’s easy as that. Same thing in starting your own Amazon business. You

Do These Beliefs Resonate With You?

Hi , Nick here. Beliefs are funny things. They don’t have to be objectively true. In fact, they almost never are. What matters only is if you believe it, because what you believe will automatically shape how you act and behave. Let me toss over to you some beliefs worth chewing on. See if any resonate with you. I give you permission to adopt

How Will History Remember Obamagate?

Answer: As a “typical” Trump political ploy like Hillary’s emails, Benghazi an.​.​.​AMZReader's DigestTop Stories For YouHow will history remember Obamagate? Barclay SmithWritten May 22As a “typical” Trump political ploy like Hillary’s emails, Benghazi and Lock Her Up. They were all meaningless except, perhaps for Benghazi an

It All Starts With ONE…

​ ​ Hello, As I’ve shared with you over the past week, I spent a lot of time not trying wholesale because I couldn’t convince myself that it would be worth my time. I wanted the benefits, but there was a part of me that assumed I wouldn’t be able to achieve the results other people were getting. I kept thinking

Say NO 🛑 To Mercedes 🏎️

I daydream a lot when I am at home working… Let’s face it, sometimes that just happens and your mind just wanders off, right? I looked outside and saw this fancy Mercedes rip it down the bridge outside my building – damn, that beast is a beaut! So I was curious and checked online… And I found what I think is the car

Is This A Joke?

A buddy of mine told me a “joke” some time ago: “A boss of a big company comes to work in his brand-new Ferrari. Jim, the assembly line worker, passes by and says: Jim: Nice new car, boss Boss: Thanks. And if you set yourself targets, work hard, stay focused, next yea

[VID 3/3] I’ll Be Happy When I _____

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I ask you about the best 90 seconds of your life?If you’re like me, the first thing you think of probably isn’t Amazon haha, but the SECOND thing I think about is how I found a Profitable Product, in under 90 seconds…Want to learn how to do that?? (And trust me its easier than

[Webinar]See You In 1 Hour!

Hi , Nick here. Yesterday I mentioned a special webinar I’m going to host todayHow to package your knowledge into an online course and start generating passive income in less than 30 days…Even if you are a total beginner and not techy at all\if you haven’t signed up Click the link below to sign up for the webinar. Click here t

6 Ways To Resell From Home Profitably

Have you checked out the Free Online Arbitrage Case Study yet? It shows 6 Ways to Make Substantial Money from Home Every Month Reselling ProCan’t See This Message? View in a browser6 Ways to Resell from Home ProfitablyHave you checked out the Free Online Arbitrage Case Study yet? It shows 6 Ways to Make Substantial Money from Home E

What Was The Luckiest Rifle Shot Ever?

Answer: During WW2, a Filipino guerrilla was on the run with six Japanese infa.​.​.​AMZReader's DigestTop Stories For YouWhat was the luckiest rifle shot ever? Jon Bourgetti, studied BS Degree in HistoryWritten Apr 18During WW2, a Filipino guerrilla was on the run with six Japanese infantryman in hot pursuit.He ran up a hill, turned arou

Say Hello To The New Helium 10

Doing More for You, Because of You Today, we unveiled our new look. Over the past few years things have changed…we’ve changed.This new visual identity honors our past and paves the way for an exciting new future. Our purpose is still the same, but our commitment is to do everything and more for you.Read the story behind our n

Learn To Piggyback

Thinking about selling on Amazon? But banging your head against the wall about what product to sell on Amazon? Don’t worry! We got you.  I have an idea you can put to work right now.  It’s simple.  It’s easy.  And the chances for success are huuuge.