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A Z To A Method For Amazon Business ?

 a Z to A method for Amazon business ?
If I asked a typical amazon seller,

How would you sell on Amazon

The typical answer will almost be like:

– Find A Profitable Niche Or Product To Sell On Amazon

– Find A Supplier Or Manufacturer To Private Label Your Product

– Create Your Product Labeling, Packaging, And Graphics

– Set Up Product Listing & Ship Your Inventory To Amazon Fulfillment Centres

– Start Selling On Amazon!

Awesome steps… right?

Well, guess what?

I won’t do that if I want to scale my business to next level

Especially if I want to keep some saving in my bank.

Think about it, by following that step…

– You’ll have to constantly source more inventory

– Money is required for inventory

– Money required for advertisement

– There’s risk of capital or a product flopping

– Risk of losing your Amazon account


– Getting stuck with a bunch of inventory that’s not selling and

– Sometimes you got to giving away product that you’ve got money invested in

But what if I told you that there’s a way around this.

to escape all these risks and still make the “nastiest” of sales you’ve ever made on Amazon.

I will share with you more tomorrow

Talk Soon!

Nick Tsai

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 a Z to A method for Amazon business ?

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