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Age 65: CRUSHING IT On Amazon

When near 60, some people think: “It’s time for retirement.”

Others, “I’m too old to start anything new.”

And some, like George Kiapos, think: “I still have enough will, energy, and time to do all the things I love!”

 Age 65: CRUSHING IT on Amazon

George was 60 when he decided to take the leap into the world of eCommerce.

He wanted flexibility.

He wanted security.

But most of all, he wanted to give himself the ability to travel to France where he could once again spend more time with his kids that he seldom saw.

After trying out lots of other ways to make money online, George decided to see what all the excitement was around building your own brand of products and leveraging Amazon to help sell them.

Needless to say…his plan worked!

His business has been doing so well since he started it a year ago that he recently decided to do a little traveling, and found even more adventure along the way.

The fact is, you’re NEVER too old to start an online business.

All of this incredible opportunity and success happened to George because he took the risk of trying something that was new to him.

So let me ask you… If George could find enough drive at the age of 60 to start a COMPLETELY new chapter of his life, with ZERO EXPERIENCE ONLINE, what’s stopping you doing the same?

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Talk soon,

Matt Clark

 Age 65: CRUSHING IT on Amazon

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