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"Being Single" Has Its Perks!

Let me just start things off by saying, if you’re a single parent or even if you know a single parent raising kids, YOU (or they) are freaking superheroes in my mind!

It’s not easy and I am not downplaying that one bit because I can only imagine how tough it can get sometimes.

But here’s the thing… I have spoken to thousands of people and one of the most common excuses I hear is “I can’t, I am a single parent”…

I mean no offence but that DOES NOT mean they have no control over their lives, right?

I know many students of mine that are single parents themselves and have “managed” to pull off running a successful online FBA business WHILE looking after their children.

What makes them different from everyone else?

NOTHING! Nothing at all. We are all human. We are all the same on the inside.

But the most obvious difference with the ones that succeed is that they TOOK ACTION and CHOSE to commit. That’s it!

Nothing will ever change if you do nothing to change it, right?!

So I reached out to one of my students that is a single mom taking care of her 7 year old boy and asked her how she built her FBA business to start making her monthly profits of over $15,000!!

That video is right at the bottom.

So just remember this, we are all the same. It is what we choose to do that makes us different.

I am asking you to choose to commit to this because I know you can do it… I want you to believe it too!

Until our next meeting,

Tee ?


PS – Whether you are in a relationship or single or in love with your cats, I know this can work for you too if you put in the effort and join me today so that we can make beautiful future for you and generations to come!

 "Being Single" Has Its Perks!

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