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[Cheddar 8] Official Release

 [Cheddar 8]  Official Release
Be Great,

Today’s special (not just because it’s Cinco de Mayo).

Happy 5th by the way!

It’s also the day we’re announcing the release of “OA Cheddar List 8.”

This email is only going out to our “waiting list”, so you’re first to know.

Here’s the official release details for OA Cheddar 8:

– Release Date:  Friday May 8, 2020
– Time:  1pm CST (2pm EST)
– Link:  (will email you day of event)

Like all our top shelf lead lists we’re capping this list at 55 sellers (to maintain the integrity of the list), and once it’s full, it’ll be full.

This launch will be a little different. 

Because we’ve hard coded the sales page to close after 55 people have joined.  Meaning it’ll happen automatically.  Should make for a cleaner release.

How is OA Cheddar 8 Different than all the other lists?

Answer:  Nothing, except it has unique leads.  All of our Top Shelf Cheddar lists have the same great quality of leads, the only thing that separates OA Cheddar 1 from OA Cheddar 8, is that each list has unique leads to that list.

So if you’re already on a list, and you get on another, you can experience double the volume of product opportunities, thus giving you the ability to tailor your buying to the categories and products that best fit your business.


We’re currently getting around 487 people to open these emails on the waiting list, so we do expect it to fill up quickly, probably within the first few minutes at 1pm CST like we did on Cheddar 5.  So if you want on this list, just be early on Friday.

Also, we’re not planning to announce anything publicly in the group, only to this waiting list, so keep an eye on your emails this week, as we’ll keep you updated.

For now, save the time, Friday May 8, 2020 @ 1pm CST,

and be ready to join when the cart goes opens.

Be Great,
Gabe and Grant

P.S.  Last time we did an open cart like this, we oversold the list in the first 10 minutes of being open.  That time we had human error and didn’t close the cart in time, this time we’re using technology, so it should (in theory) work better.  We’ll see on Friday.

 [Cheddar 8]  Official Release

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