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"Dangerous" Ecommerce Business Models

 "Dangerous" Ecommerce Business Models
Imagine …

while you run your Amazon business with everything going smoothly

Sales are rolling in, business is growing

you feel like you have this superpower and could do anything you want.

But then ! you got a mail says…

“Your Account As Been Suspended”

And you have no idea why!

You see, one way to lose your Amazon account fast is by making

“5 deadly mistakes”

And when you do that, Amazon “police” robot will hunt you down and catch you and file a report against you.

I’m going to tell you what those deadly mistakes are

and also show you how these robots kick  your business out
for “Amazon justice” like…

– Suspension,
– Denial, and
– Ban

But first, let’s talk about the deadly mistakes that could completely kill your Amazon business.

Here is the list…

– Failing to check your items against the Amazon product restriction guidelines

– Being oblivious to your stock origin and authenticity

– Failing to ensure a 100% match of your product to all the details in the Product Detail Page on Amazon

– Improperly matching your stock condition to the Amazon Condition Guidelines

– letting other businesses do the packaging, shipping, customer support or sourcing for you, which could lower your quality control

Tomorrow  I’ll be showing you how Amazon figure out you’re doing any
of the above?

And how to keep your account safe

Stay close till then.

Nick Tsai

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 "Dangerous" Ecommerce Business Models

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