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Did You Hear The Latest Amazon News?

Amazon’s online sales soared 24% in the first quarter of 2020, the fastest pace in four years!

image Did you hear the latest Amazon news?

Furthermore, Amazon just hit a TRILLION dollar valuation during this recession, and Amazon Sellers are benefiting from this bump.

This is NOT a fluke.

This is a trend.

Amazon survived the dot-com crash of the late ’90s and launched Amazon Marketplace shortly after so vendors (like you) could profit on the platform.

Then, Amazon stunned Wall Street analysts and experienced profit surges following the 2008 Financial Crisis, sharing its success with Amazon Sellers even while the world’s economy ground to a halt.

Now, amidst this pandemic, Amazon Sellers are thriving as they are uniquely positioned to help people get the products they need while staying at home.

Is Amazon immune to recessions?

No. No one is.

BUT does it have a history of success and stability during recessions? Absolutely! 

Right now what matters is that you take control of your future and create your own stream of income as fast as possible.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Take advantage NOW!

See you on the inside!

– Greg

| Sent by Greg Mercer
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 Did you hear the latest Amazon news?

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