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Discover Now: Exploring Graphic Design, Unique Self-Portraits, And More!

Explore new and favorite classes to spark your creativity!

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Design a Bold Graphic for Your Favorite Album

Explore how to use bold colors and shapes to create a stunning album cover in a new class with designer Temi Coker.

Take Unique Self-Portraits at Home

Photographer Maureen Eggleton shares her tips for finding inspiration and staging stunning portraits anywhere, including right at home!

Create Effective and Moving Video Edits

Join videographer Sean Dykink for an all-in-one, practical guide on how to edit videos that will connect with your audience.

Q&A with Rumaan AlamIn honor of Pride, each week this June we’re sharing conversations with queer members of our teaching community. This week, writer Rumaan Alam shares how identity impacts his writing and how readers engage with stories.

“It’s powerful when queer kids realize they’re part of a big, messy, unpredictable, and wonderful swath of humanity where they will always belong.”

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8 Steps For Making A Top-Notch Photography Portfolio

Learn how to make a photography portfolio that sets you apart from the crowd and fits your individual needs.

Summer Activities For Kids: Creative Ways To Make The Season Great

Explore our bucket list of summer-friendly activities that will get your kids’ creative juices flowing.

 Discover Now: Exploring Graphic Design, Unique Self Portraits, and More!  Discover Now: Exploring Graphic Design, Unique Self Portraits, and More!

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