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Do This NOW To Double Your Income!

 Do this NOW to double your Income!

A few days ago, my mentor shared with me 2 really helpful e-commerce rules.

One It’s called 65% Rule

Which means you have to aim for 65% profit margin when choosing products to sell.

if you do this part right, your business will grow rapidly

And another rule is

don’t rely on only one supplier.

You should have at least two suppliers, the more the better.

So that if one supplier get into trouble, you have a backup

So how can you get suppliers

There are two different types of suppliers…

Bulk Lots:

This is where you purchase large quantities at regular intervals from the supplier.

The goods are sent to you where you store them and package and post them as you make a sale.


Drop Shipping:

You pay for the goods, but you never see them.

But the question now is…

“what’s the best way to find reliable suppliers.”

that’s what I’ll be discussing with you

in my next email to you.

Nick Tsai

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