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Do This One Thing To Get Ahead Of The Competition

This is going to be an awesome week for the two of us! I am super pumped up and I hope you are too!

By now, I assume that you have been putting in the strategies that I have been giving you in the last couple weeks…

Because we are going to get into optimization!

Huh? Optima-wha?

Optimization. This is when you’ve already built out your kick ass product listing on Amazon AND NOW we are going to make it better!

There is no such thing as perfect, remember that.

But there is always room for improvement regardless of how small you think it is.

And I do this about every 2 weeks to get that 0.01% edge over everyone else!

So how do we do this?

Great question. And that’s why I added a link to the video at the bottom to make it easier to digest because it’s better than writing out a novel for you.

Make sure you watch it and apply it to your product listing so that you can get ahead in your niche!

Next up, let’s discuss how to optimize your PPC ad campaigns… that will be a fun one too.

Till then,

Tee 💚


 Do This One Thing To Get Ahead Of The Competition

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