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Don’t Ignore That Gut Feeling…

Hey Amzreader, have you ever felt like all it took was the blink of an eye for the world to change so quickly?
History 101 teaches me that the 3rd industrial revolution was marked by automation, computers and electronics. We’re way past that now.. the 4th industrial revolution is characterized by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the digital, physical and biological world…think artificial intelligence, robotics and virtual reality. 
Maybe this is very exciting for you or perhaps the thought of technology developing in ways that could threaten your livelihood is your worst fear.
I’m not even going to go there…
The reason I bring this up is because I know I’m not the only one who feels that adaptation is not an option, it’s a necessity. Ask any evolutionary biologist and they will tell you that a species must adapt in order to survive. It’s survival of the fittest. 
More than 50% of today’s jobs require some degree of computer skills. The more you develop your computer skills the more valuable you will be to the employer.
In 2019, 9,302 US retail stores closed down, a 59% jump from 2018. They call it retail apocalypse.
The facts are evident, technology is changing the workplace and it’s up to us to develop the skills that will make use relevant to the marketplace. 
Online businesses are growing at a rapid rate. You can build your own online business by starting an eCommerce brand and selling it on Amazon; the world’s largest online retailer.
The beautiful thing is that you build a successful eCommerce business by only working a few hours per week. That means that you don’t have to quit your job to do this, and I strongly wouldn’t recommend that. 
If you want to learn how you can get started then I encourage you to learn from my mentors, the people who taught me how to build an Amazon FBA business. They are hosting an online training on either June 11th or 12th. It’s free to attend, you’ll just need to register your seat in advance.
Yesterday, they released a bonus video and you’ll receive this video by clicking the link above. In the bonus video they explain how they wanted to do a case study to show people how simple it is to sell a product on Amazon
Last month, they started selling a “taco holder” product on Amazon. It only has 2 reviews. It’s making them $400 per day in revenue. 
What would you do with an extra $400 per day? 
Make sure you register your spot for the upcoming training and open all the emails they send you so that you don’t miss out on any of their “bonus” training videos (like the one about the taco holder). 
If you have questions you’d like to ask me, I’ll be doing a LIVE video on Youtube, tomorrow June 9th at 12:00PM PST/2:00 PM EST.
Ultimately, I feel that anticipation plays a significant role in success. Maybe you’ve experienced that gut feeling that tells you to start preparing yourself for what’s to come. Don’t ignore it. 
To your Success & Fulfillment,
Tatiana James

9 Temasek Boulevard 04-02
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 Dont Ignore That Gut Feeling...

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