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Hi ,

Nick here.

Why would a multi-millionaire give you his best insights to life and business for free in a live, interactive environment designed to challenge you to have more, do more, be more, and get more?

On one hand, who cares why since it’s 100% free (no shenanigans):

It’s not FREE in big print and then “just pay shipping” in small print. It’s not free when you sign up only to be assaulted on the next page with offer after offer after offer.

It is plain and simple just FREE. A novel concept, I know.

So again, what’s the motivation behind it? Why would this guy, who has sold over 9 figures worth of stuff in all kinds of different markets and industries, do something for free?

Is it to “give back”? Meh. This is too important to dumb it down to a cliche. Besides, you can give back in a way that doesn’t have to be free, and in fact most ways to truly give back have nothing to do with price.

Is it to build up reciprocity so you like him and his company more and then somewhere down the line you’ll maybe do some business with him? I’m sure there is some of that going on, for sure.

The major reason though?

His answer: “Because I feel compelled to.”

Interesting. Having known this gentleman more personally than most, I can tell you he is very authentic in this regard.

Having consumed (and paid for!) many of his trainings, he has taught me it’s okay to want to be more of myself for
no reason other than I want to.

Most of society hammers into us that we need to have a reason or excuse or a justification to do something. But what’s life like when you do something just because you listen to your
soul and it just tells you to do it?
I don’t know about you, but I find I’m just plain happier and feel better when I don’t bring so many judgments to my thoughts. I want to because… I want to.

You want to become successful? Great! No reason needed other than because you
want to. Want to get in better shape? Awesome! No rationale is needed other than you want to. Want to make millions of dollars? Cool.

No justification required other than because you want to.
And this is free for no other reason than he wants it to be.

While some of the best things in life are free, rarely does free last. In this case, there is no ticking clock to switch this over into a paid challenge, there is a ticking clock on how freely available this challenge is.

When we go live and start cooking, then the opportunity to join is gone. And some won’t join in. But do you want to be one of those who miss out?

I’ll be in there rocking and rolling with you, too! So make sure to say hi after you get in.

-Nick Tsai

 free challenge starts soon

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