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Hi Amzreader,
So you’re on this email list for one reason and that’s because you want to have access to as many tools/recommendations/content that can help you learn how to start your online business the right way.
That’s what I want to provide for you. Anything I recommend or endorse, I do it because I truly believe in it and/or use it myself and it has enhanced my own business.
NOTE: This is NOT for everyone. If you’re the type of person that is looking to “get rich quick”, then I’d suggest you look elsewhere. I don’t believe in that.
At the same time, if you’re the type of person that is too afraid to take a risk and invest in themselves, or has an ego and think they know it all already (yet aren’t getting results) or is lacking belief or confidence… then I also would suggest for you to look elsewhere.
Ultimately, to succeed online and change your life, you need to have the following:
1. A desire or hunger to succeed.
2. Belief, confidence and FAITH.
3. Put the ego and fear aside and be willing to invest in yourself through proper
training, courses and guidance.
4. Take massive action and FULLY COMMIT to the process.
5. Have patience, never give up, keep learning, and taking action.
If that sounds like you, then I have no doubt that you will be successful.  
With that said, here are some suggestions for what path to take when starting an online business:
A physical products business will give you the opportunity to create a sustainable and influential brand. 
The best place to start is on Amazon. Think about it… if you start a Shopify store right here and now, who is going to find you? Does anyone recognize your brand name?
That’s why you leverage Amazon’s 110 million customers. Amazon is giving you this opportunity, they are opening their doors to complete strangers and allowing them to sell products on their platform.
With the proper training, you can find a product that is ALREADY selling really well on Amazon and then private label that product (you can enhance and differentiate yourself too). You don’t create anything new, you don’t need to by a scientist by any means because you aren’t inventing anything! 
All you have to do is learn the process of private labelling and setting up an Amazon listing. Then you duplicate this process every time you want to launch a new product.
It’s really fascinating and your potential is virtually limitless. Your income is in direct correlation to how much work you put in your business.
You can’t learn this process on your own because your mistakes can cost you.
If you have watched my Youtube videos, then you’ll know that my favorite Amazon training program is called the Amazing Selling Machine. 
Because I love this course so much, I’ve become an affiliate for it and that’s how I’m able to offer anyone who signs up through my link an incredible bonus offer valued at over $12,000!
ASM is an investment, it’s not a cheap course by any means. However, I’ve never met an ASM student that said it wasn’t worth the investment. If you believe ASM is the right course for you, then I’ll notify you when the next launch date is just by being on this email list.

I love affiliate marketing. I love it because it requires such a small investment. I love it because it doesn’t require you to create anything… you simply recommend products that you personally like, know and trust.
Naturally, we tend to share with others about the things in our lives that just make us happier… the new Kitchen Aid machine that makes baking quick and efficient, or the Muse meditation headband that puts a twist on traditional meditation. We tell our friends and family anyways, so why not make a buck on it?
Affiliate marketing doesn’t cost you nor the buyer any money. If you are affiliated with the brand Apple and you recommend the iPhone X to your friend and you provide them with your affiliate link and then your friend buys the iPhone, then you get a commission and your friend doesn’t pay any more or any less than he/she would had they not used your link.
Another cool thing about affiliate marketing is that you can scale this business model. There are different levels. You can make $500 per month or 50k per month.
I’d recommend taking Stefan’s Affiliate Marketing Mastery course for this. 
This course is very in depth and will help you go from newbie to expert affiliate marketer. I highly recommend it!

Prefer to start an online business with a quick return on investment?
What I’d recommend for you would be the K Money Mastery course, extremely affordable and teaches you how to publish e-books on Amazon.
Stefan has a powerful process that he teaches inside this course, which allows you to hire writers to write for you and outsource much of the process, so that you can focus on publishing and marketing.
No, you don’t need to be a great writer!
Everything taught in this course is up to date and relevant to what works on Amazon today.  You can learn more about it here:
The reason why Kindle publishing is a great alternative to get started is because it’s an inexpensive business (you can write yourself or hire writers), is very newbie friendly, is relatively quick to publish a book and profit (the goal is to publish within 30 days) and is also a business where you can add a lot of value to other people’s lives.  
Not only that, but it’s a fantastic way to get your feet wet and start learning how to sell on Amazon and develop online marketing skills, which will help translate into other online business ventures.
It’s actually my VERY FIRST online business model. I started in the dog training niche on Kindle and ended up generating around $500/month in just a few months! 
So there you go. 🙂
I hope these suggestions can help you.
Ultimately, I will tell you this:
Success is ONLY reserved for those that are truly committed.
If you’re a dabbler, lazy, procrastinator, fearful or a doubter – then I can’t help you.
The advice that I’d have would be to really work on your mindset, beliefs and habits so that you can breakthrough and achieve success in your life.
If you’re committed and willing to do what it takes, then I’d love to have you on board and you’re exactly the type of person that I want to work with and help.
Either way, I love you and wish you the best in your life!
To your Success & Fulfillment, 
Tatiana James


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