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He Did What ?

 He did what ?

Okay so yesterday I emailed you about Russell Brunson’s new online training Funnel Hacks

And I wanted to share a quick story today to show you just how powerful this stuff can be when you use it right.

If you’ve been in the online marketing space for any period of time you know that many of the “internet millionaires” love to show off their cars…


You name it, they got it. (And they flaunt it)

One thing you don’t hear about often is anyone just giving their car away.

Especially if it’s a red Ferrari F430 Spyder.

But that’s EXACTLY what Russell did…

And the reason WHY he gave it away will probably shock you…

See Russell wrote a book and decided to give it away for free… (crazy, right?)

Then he got a bunch of affiliates to help him give away that book…

And the person who gave away the most books?

Well… he got a Ferrari.
(Yeah. I told you it was shocking)

So… why did Russell do this? How on earth could that be a smart move?

What’s REALLY crazy is, if you ask him, Russell will tell you that he wasn’t worried AT ALL about losing money when he offered his

Why? Because he had seen this exact method work so many times before, that it wasn’t even a gamble.

Imagine having the confidence (and the cahoneys) to do that… to just give away a car that costs more than most people’s house… because you KNEW it would make you at least a million or two…
How would that feel?

You can learn exactly how Russell figured all this out when you attend his online training, Funnel Hacks.

Click here to register now.

Oh, and to prove that everything I’m saying is 100% true, here’s a picture of Russell with his Ferrari and his book.

Pretty cool, huh?

The craziest part is… he didn’t even buy the car in the first place. He WON IT in an affiliate competition!

Yeah. That’s what’s possible when you get a solid foundation for your online business…

And then execute in a smart way.

Go check out his new training now, I promise you’ll learn something new.


Nick Tsai

 He did what ?

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