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How Ben Built An Empire From A Coffee Shop

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Hope you’re having an awesome (and productive!) Monday!
And hey, maybe if it’s not a productive Monday just yet, I can turn that around for you with something (keep reading!)
One thing I’m consistently asked is how to generate enough capital to really grow your Amazon business…
And by the way, this goes for just about any business out there!
You need capital to get things really moving.
And I completely understand how hard that can feel, especially when maybe right now you have one income source (or maybe you’re even furloughed or out of work!)
So I wanted to bring a really special guest on to our channel this week to show you one of the lowest barriers to entry systems I know to generate some serious capital…

ytm How Ben built an empire from a coffee shop
The other day, myself and my good friend Dr. Ben Adkins sat down and had a chat about the incredible side income stream he’s been building – not from some fancy office, but from a local coffee shop.
I’ve known and invested in Ben’s programs for the last six years myself, and so I was delighted when he agreed to jump on with me, and share some of his incredible wisdom about building a simple, but highly profitable online business.
Building additional income streams can feel incredibly complex and challenging at times, so I want you to check this out and see just how simple it can really be to generate extra capital.
Just think of all the product orders you could place!

=> Go here to watch the interview!

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 How Ben built an empire from a coffee shop

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