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How I Built A $140k/month In Revenue E-com Business

Hey Amzreader,
I hope you’re doing well today 🙂
I just wanted to share with you a little bit about myself and how I overcame some barriers before I was able to create a successful online business that generates over $140,000 per month in sales.
I first learned about selling on Amazon via my then boyfriend Stefan, he had never sold on Amazon before but he heard great things about this course called The Amazing Selling Machine and he suggested we try it out.
In the course video trailer, I heard testimonials from people who were making 10k per month and people making 100k per month. 
First, it’s important to note that these figures are merely the $ of sales, not profit. However, with an average of 30% profit margins for this type of business, that’s still extremely impressive!
Hearing that, was beyond my reality. I’m from a small city called Langley in British Colombia, Canada. In my town, I had never been exposed to ANYONE who was making 7-figures a year. So you can imagine how hearing these large figures made me extremely skeptical.
It’s really unfortunate how the human mind can work against us sometimes. We have a 2 million year old brain that’s designed to keep us safe, not make us happy.
We unfortunately, do live in a world where people take advantage of each other, especially online with the use of technology. So it’s only natural for our brains to jump to conclusions and assume it’s a scam or that there is a catch.
My limiting belief was exactly that, and I didn’t think it was possible. Despite this limiting belief I decided to give the course a try.
As I was going through the modules I quickly realized that this wasn’t a scam and selling on Amazon was simply a process that I needed to learn and repeat!
I was encouraged by how comprehensive and step-by-step the course was and I set my goals to simply earning enough sales to replace my income at that time, around $1,500 per month.
Now, in hindsight, I wish I knew how I limited myself by setting my goal so low.
A few months later, the ASM course held a live event called SellerCon in Las Vegas, I attended.
At that event, I met hundreds of other new “Amazon sellers” just like myself. I also met people who were already very successful sellers on Amazon, the people making 50k and 100k per month! Meeting these people in real life and feeling their sincerity, helped open my mind up to my potential.
After that event, I reevaluated my goals. I realized that I wasn’t able to get past the 2k per month in sales simply because I subconsciously had a road-block in my mind that was set on my initial goal.
Immediately, I increased my goal to making 10k per month in sales.
Guess what happened? When you open your mind up to greater possibilities, it has a way of helping you reach those goals. Things just fall into place. Your brain starts coming up with new possibilities and new answers. You might call this the law of attraction. 
I started doing high-leverage work instead of just maintenance and my sales increased.
Then I increased my goal to 15k in sales per month and I reached that goal in a short period of time, I increased it again and again. 
I found out that once you get the ball rolling with your business, things start to get easier! 
Making the first 2k per month in sales was actually more challenging for me than making 50k per month in sales.
The reason for that is because when you’re first starting a business, everything is new and you need to put in the hours and learn a lot. Once you have systems in place it just becomes about scaling and things get a lot easier! 
It isn’t rocket science, it’s a simple system! The part that 98% of people struggle with is the mind. Master your thoughts and your desires will come true. You need to believe in what you want, you need to believe that it’s a possibility for you, that it IS within your grasp.
So that’s the mindset it took in order for me to succeed. If you want a piece of more detailed information on exactly HOW I got started, watch this Youtube video:
I hope that this email made some sense, it’s truly what made the greatest difference in my success. You can learn all the strategies in the world, but if you don’t learn to master your thinking then your success will always be limited… in all areas of life. 
To your Success & Fulfillment,
Tatiana James
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 How I built a $140k/month in revenue e com business

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