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How Ready To Change Are You?

Hi ,

Nick here.

The only thing constant is change. Yet most people allow change to happen to them instead of deciding what to change and when to change it.

Change is hard. Most people would rather stay the same and die miserable than brave the change they know could make them better.

All of us try to change parts of ourselves we don’t like with things we think will make us like ourselves more. We fail almost all the time. Our weight stays about the same, our finances stay about the same, our relationships with others stay about the asme.

Change actually occurs in an instance, but it’s the build up that can take forever before the old way just
shatters and you make up your mind to change in that instant.

If you get inside the Unite Challenge (which is free and starts tomorrow), you will have no other option but to change for the better.

But some people are too stuck clinging to their current selves, so even though this is free and going to be truly incredible, they will choose to remain on the outside.

It’s the whole
devil you know situation.

Most people choose their real estate agent because she’s a friend of the family. Even if she’s not very good, they tend to stay with her because she’s there.

Most people hate their cable and internet providers with a passion, but don’t even try to shop around because it takes no effort to continue getting lackluster service for insanely high prices (like when did “an agent will be there sometime between 9am and 5pm” become a thing.
Oh, and even then they miss those 8 hour windows all the time!)

Most people have something they don’t use that they pay for monthly – supplements, storage units, online subscriptions, gym memberships – and instead of cancelling, they continue to pay and not use, because it requires
no effort. (No judgement here – I’m guilty of this!)

Sometimes though if someone like me brings
light to this human condition, it can help a few souls get agitated enough to do something different. The first step is the hardest. Every other one is super easy.

So yes the first hard step is going to be to sign up for free here:

-Nick Tsai

 how ready to change are you?

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