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I Listened To The Hate Comments

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How’s it going today, Amzreader
In the comments of my Youtube videos, I’ve been accused of many things. 
Most notably, people claim that I talk about stock and investing, yet earn all my money selling courses. 
I earn the majority of my money from affiliate marketing – and I’ve never claimed that most of it comes from investing or courses. 
But the money I use to invest… it’s mainly from affiliate marketing. 
Here’s my point:
I’m in the trenches of affiliate marketing every day. The topic of investing and personal finance is just a vehicle to build an audience and recommend products that I love. 
I hope you can see just how straightforward the affiliate marketing process is. 
You create content around stuff you love, and you earn money. 
It’s that simple.
Anyway, I never planned to create a course around affiliate marketing. To be honest I wanted to stick to my bread and butter and just earn affiliate commissions. 
But with so many people asking me about how they can do what I do, I started to feel bad about not sharing this business model. 
So I made a new course that teaches you exactly how to copy what I’m doing.  
To be clear, this is NOT a course created to make me rich by teaching something I’ve never done. 
This is my exact business model. 
And inside the course, I break down in extreme detail where my 30K+ monthly income comes from – and how you can do the same thing. 
Which is why I gave the course a very fitting title: 
So if you’re interested in all this affiliate marketing stuff…
…if you’ve been reading these emails and feel like you could the same thing I do…
…if you’re ready to start working on something you love…
…something that earns you money, even while you sleep…
…and something that can lead to time and financial freedom much quicker than any j-o-b…
…then join 6 Figure Affiliate Marketing today. 
I’m ready and waiting to work with you on the inside. 
– Ryan Scribner

PO Box 641
Ballston Spa NY 12020

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 I listened to the hate comments

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