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I Pulled His Leg…

something awesome is coming!

I know it’s a Sunday so I won’t keep you long.
I hope you’ve been enjoying the workshops Ryan Levesque has been running this week – they’ve been amazing!
But if you’ve missed them, don’t worry!
I had a really cool chat with Ryan on Friday and he’s agreed to do something special for us.
On Wednesday…
I’m jumping on a LIVE webinar with Ryan and he’s going to be talking specifically about how you can make a great side income by offering Quiz Funnels to other businesses as a ‘side hustle’ service.
Quiz Funnels are something that will work no matter what business or niche you’re in.
That means for you it’s totally possible to approach almost any business (online OR offline) and offer to add a Quiz Funnel to what they’re already doing.
It’s a win-win.
The business you’re helping can give their customers what they really want (which is MASSIVE for any business owner!) and in return, you can grow a healthy – and lucrative – side income.
On Wednesday, Ryan will be sharing:
– The 3 different ‘types’ of Quiz Funnels and how to know which one is best to use in businesses YOU can work with  
– A complete breakdown of how (and why) the Quiz Funnel method can work so well as a side hustle 
– Dozens of real-life case studies from people who’ve successfully helped other businesses with Quiz Funnels by doing this just part-time, or even going ALL IN and replacing their full-time income 
– And much MUCH more!
There are 200 seats for this one – and once they’re gone, they’re gone.
No scarcity BS – the webinar software the guys use really doesn’t like anything more than that.
So make sure you while you’ve got this message open, and I’ll see you Wednesday at 3pm UK / 10am ET / 7am PT
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 I pulled his leg…

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