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I Tried Amazon FBA For 2 Weeks – My Honest Results

This is LONG, HONEST and PERSONAL video sharing the Truth about AMAZON FBA Including How Much It Costs to Sell On Amazon, My Product and All My Costs

This week’s Tactical Vlog Thursday video is a long, honest, and personal video where I share the truth about Amazon FBA including day by day my sales for the first 2 weeks since launching PNB Cacao (my new Amazon FBA Product).

I know I say this every week but this week for sure watch till the end, because I share some hard truths about mistakes I made that I have never shared before).

I didn’t want to make this video but I think it’s more important to be honest than be someone that is constantly seeming to be successful when that isn’t always the truth.

So I hope you like this week’s video!


image image image image image I tried Amazon FBA for 2 weeks   My Honest Results

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P.S. Man…quarantine life has been weird…does anyone else feel like days and weeks are starting to blend together…and does anyone else remember that the year just started…oh wait now it’s halfway through the year.  I know everyone says this every year…but wow time flew by this year, am I right?

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