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Information Marketing Lies

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Nick here.

Here are the lies people tell themselves about information products business.

Lie 1:
you need to be an expert to create an information product. False. You can tap into expertise and “channel” it, and it can be done fill-in-the-blank style.

Lie 2:
you need to be well-known or have a following or at least a reputation. False. You can crush it without even using your real name or even putting any name on the information you’ll use to earn your fortune. In fact, when starting, your greatest advantage is the fact you’re unknown.

Lie 3:
you have to be a tech geek or know how to code or program to be successful. Hardly. Just like your smartphone is tap, touch and swipe, so is the digital information world. If you can do email, you can do this.

Lie 4
: It takes a long time to get going.
This is the one that gets most people, which is sad when there is a “hack” that can allow you to create killer info products from scratch in one sitting:

Listen. When you hear the term info products…

You probably think of those 100,000+ word ebooks, or those 15 hour audio courses, or those 78-part video courses!

And while that is one way to do it, it’s not the way you should start with.

You see people don’t buy products,
they buy solutions. It doesn’t matter if those solutions can be learned in minutes. It doesn’t matter that your profit margin to deliver these solutions is nearly 100%, thanks to the internet.

If you can help someone in a few short pages solve a big problem that has been keeping them awake at night and in mental, physical and emotional pain… and they pay you a lousy $10 for that solution…

Who got the better deal, you or them?

This is why you deserve riches with this approach here:

Check it out while it’s available for a limited time.

-Nick Tsai

 information marketing lies

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