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Inspiring: How Amazon Gave This Single Mum Cleaner A New Life!

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Here’s one of the things you may love most about making an extra income selling on Amazon.  
Once you’ve got your product up and selling on Amazon….you are not ‘trading hours for dollars’ anymore….like you do in a PAYG job.  
You are trading products for dollars.  
So, there is virtually no limit to your income…and it doesn’t take a long time either to get started either.  
Take Amazon Seller Christine from NSW, a single mum who started selling on Amazon this year. 
This is her Amazon account for last month.  
She made $3,159 in sales, working on a profit margin of about 30% – so that’s around $1,000 USD for her.  
But here’s the great part.  
Christine’s a cleaner…so to earn that money cleaning…she would have had to clean around 10 homes!  
Meanwhile, she’s making much of this new found cashflow from Amazon sales while she sleeps! 
Can you see why she’s now eagerly ramping up her Amazon business to $10,000 profit per month?  
This is simply a much better option for her – and possibly for you! – to earn money than a traditional day job, fighting the traffic each morning.  
It’s about reclaiming control of your time and your life.  
And, Christine’s not alone in achieving a heathy income stream from Amazon.  
In fact, 140,000 people are already making over $100,000 per year in sales on Amazon according to a recent report by Jeff Bezos Amazon CEO.  
And, that’s why Sophie Howard’s excited to get you up and starting with your own ‘side hustle’ Amazon business…potentially giving you as much as $1,000 – $3,000 even as much as $5,000 profit per month.  

If you want start making extra cashflow on Amazon, then check out the Amazon webinar replay now, before it’s taken down in 12 hours.  
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 Inspiring: How Amazon gave this single mum cleaner a new life!

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