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Introducing The LifeWrite Project

Submit your piece to a nonprofit organization utilizing the written word to raise funds for charitable causes.

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Hi Rich,

I know you are still getting used to our transformation from FastPencil into Opyrus, but the surprises are not over!

We are thrilled to share with you The LifeWrite Project, a non-profit initiative from Opyrus, which supports organizations helping those suffering during the pandemic.

The LifeWrite Project’s first initiative is The Corona Silver Linings Anthology, a written-word thought capsule on this global pandemic.

We are reaching out to you first in hopes that you will share your unique voices and submit your writing to be considered for our print and digital publications. As writers, you know how powerful the written word is in impacting your life and the lives of others.

So please submit your piece, let your inspirational story uplift, strengthen and encourage others, and in doing so, not only are you giving permanence to your experience during this pandemic, but you are giving vital funding to organizations who are helping those who need it most.

 Introducing The LifeWrite Project

Join NY Times best selling author Ridley Pearson (Peter And the Starcatchers) and Guy Gilchrist (The Muppets) in creating an everlasting tribute of courage, resilience and transformation. Submit your piece to The LifeWrite Project today.

Team Opyrus

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 Introducing The LifeWrite Project

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