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Is This Too Saturated?

The truth (with proof)

Whenever people ask me what type of online business they should start, more often than not I’ll point them towards an Amazon-based business.
When I do this, I hear:
“Yeah, but all the good products are gone. Isn’t it too saturated now?”
And then I end up like this:

ytwed Is this too saturated?
Pulling my hair out like some kind of maniac.
Look, it’s too easy to say things like that.
Especially during the weird times we’re all going through right now.
Amazon is not at a saturation point.
Not even close.
And in today’s video, I’m going to prove this by giving you a quick process for finding more great products to fuel your business.
No matter how big Amazon is right now, it WILL continue to grow.
A bigger business = more customers.
And in Amazon’s case, more customers means hundreds of millions of customers.
So what will Amazon need to satisfy it’s millions of customers?
More products!
And where do those products come from?
From third party sellers. Regular people like you and me!
And that’s exactly why in today’s video you’ll see the opportunity to sell on Amazon is far from over.
If anything, it’s just getting started 😉
To your future success,
Marketplace SuperHeroes.

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 Is this too saturated?

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