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ld way numbers It Only Takes 1️⃣

“Friday was strange…” Loi said.

“Holy moly, your revenue almost doubled from our last interview” I said.

“Yes, crazy huh?” He replied back.

Loi is another one of my successful students out of the handful of them…

I am very inspired by him because he chooses to continue to work his job WHILE absolutely crushing it on Amazon FBA…

And the best part is…


Well, now he has created variations and additional products to his brand and started to scale…

Even though Loi had an extremely busy schedule to carry, I was able to put together an interview with him.

At the time of this interview, Loi was generating more than $10,000 PROFIT every month on repeat.

Now, he has more than doubled that and it’s growing with each passing day!

If you want to know how a FULL TIME EMPLOYEE still managed to find the time and energy to grow his “side hustle” to a size where it generates MORE PASSIVE INCOME than his actual job, then ➡️ watch this YouTube video! ⬅️

LD Way Success It Only Takes 1️⃣


These are the moments that I look forward to…

Moments where students of mine ignored that inner voice – fear, as I call that bastard – and pushed forward…

Moments of clarity when you look back at your life after months of work building your business and it all just ‘clicks’…

Moments of pure joy and disbelief when those clouds of the unknown slowly disappear and you see a better, happier future for yourself…

Moments where you can just be with your loved ones and have no care in the world…

This is what I live for each and every single day.

This is what I want for you.

If you are ready to start a new chapter in your life, a chapter where you are the writer and you decide its beginning, middle and end, then join me today and let’s make it a BEST SELLER!


Loi is living proof that it is possible to completely change the outcome of your life WHILE still working a full time job and building your Amazon FBA business on your spare time.

He is one of my most active members in my private group and helps out a ton with questions…

So if you would like to pick his brain, you can see him inside. He loves meeting new members and helping them get to where he is too!

All the best,

Tamara Tee 💚

 It Only Takes 1️⃣

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