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My Million Dollar Cats

No joke, they cost me that much!


How’s it going today, Amzreader
I know you’re interested in affiliate marketing, so I’m going to give you a few essential tips for success.
But first…
My million dollar cats.
That wasn’t a typo, they cost me one million dollars. 
Here’s why:
Between pet supplies and insurance, I spend over 200 bucks a month on my cats. But if I got rid of them and properly invested that money every month, it would add up to over a million dollars in 50 years (thanks to compound interest). 
Now my point isn’t to give up on life’s little things – I definitely don’t want to get rid of my cats. 
It’s also not to wait until you’re 75 to be a millionaire. 
The point is to be aware of your assets and opportunities. 
One of your most precious assets is your time. 
And the smart way to spend time as an affiliate marketer is to create more assets – aka online content. 
Creating content is a lot like compound interest…
You invest your time into creating the content, and then it pays you for years and years to come – without doing any more work. 
For example:
I’ve created tons of content that includes Amazon affiliate links. People discover that content, some click my affiliate link, and some even make a purchase. 
And right now, I pay my phone, utility and internet bills using my Amazon affiliate income.
Completely passive.  
My previous time investment is now buying me a car, and I don’t have to do a damn thing for it. 
That’s what I mean by using your time wisely. 
So I want to challenge you… 
How are you spending your time? 
You could be smoking cigarettes and complaining about your job like I used to do…
…or you could be building digital assets that pay you for years to come. 
Affiliate marketing may seem a little slow at first, but with time and consistency, it will completely change your life. 
That’s all for now – more success tips to come.
Ryan Scribner 
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 My Million Dollar Cats

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