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NEW PODCAST! The SuperHero Lifestyle Show

Well… you’ve been asking for it and oh boy, are we going to deliver!
We’re excited to announce our brand new podcast…
The SuperHero Lifestyle Show!
Yep, the very first episode went live today – ready for you to geek out on IMMEDIATELY.
So what’s on the podcast?
There’s going to be a new episode released every week where you’ll get to hear what’s going on inside our brains – the ins-and-outs of what we’re up to, tips and strategies, and lots more – we’ll be sharing as much as we can!
We’re REALLY excited to have you go check it out, and if you like it, subscribe.
Here’s what you need to do right now:
Step #1
and listen to it on whatever channel you’d usually listen to podcasts! (FYI… the podcast is not up on iTunes yet, but we’re working on it!)

Step #2
Let us know inside the if you enjoyed it by screenshotting the episode and using the hashtag #SuperHeroLifestyleShow!
Step #3
If you LOVE the podcast, please help us spread the word and share it with others you know who would benefit from it. Facebook, Instagram..wherever you can to help us share the new show – that would be UNREAL!
I hope you LOVE the new podcast – episode #2 will be live this Thursday!
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 NEW PODCAST! The SuperHero Lifestyle Show

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