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How to make $100k/year from a coffee shop

What if you could make $100k/year in profit all from a coffee shop?
… or from home.
… or from wherever you like.
What would that change about your life?
How would you spend your time?
This Thursday
My good friend Dr Ben Adkins is joining me live to share his entire ‘Coffee Money’ side hustle system which is based on providing a highly valuable service that’s easy to deliver to a special kind of business owner.
The Best Part…
You’ll learn how to find, contact, sign up and service this type of business without ever having to meet them face to face.
On the call, Ben is going to be showing us:
The 2k/month “Transformer Service” – You’ll get an inside look at the simple service that Ben is using to make $2k/month to provide for his clients (and why it’s 1000x easier to provide than any other high ticket service you’ve ever learned about).
The “Ready to Spend” Untapped Niche – You’ll learn about the virtually untapped niche of clients who are looking for providers of this service (and why they’re falling all over themselves to hire folks that know how to do what you’re about to learn.)
The Email Only Client Reach out – We’ll walk you through the simple email campaign that you can use to get clients without ever having to speak to them. This is how Ben nails down $2k+ clients without ever having to ever speak to his clients in person or via the phone. 
“100k Profit from a Coffee Shop” Map – You’ll learn the full math behind how this business model gets you to $100k per year in profit and how you can do everything from a coffee shop or home office in just a few hours per day. 
And when you register we’re also going to send you an extremely valuable quickstart guide that’ll go hand-in-hand with Ben’s training on Thursday.

SHH CM1 Register Now: Coffee Money w/ Ben Adkins
From what Ben has shared with me, you’re going to be blown away by what’s coming your way.
It’ll be interesting, enjoyable and above all, something that can be a very lucrative side hustle.
Use it to create a side income to pump more money into products for your existing Amazon business or simply start this as a standalone side business.
Either way, it’s going to be awesome – and I’ll be sending you some reminders before the call kicks off to make sure you don’t miss out.
In the guide, you’ll learn…
The $100k from a coffee shop roadmap that shows you how this business model works (and why it’s such a goldmine right now!)
The math behind the business and a full breakdown of how many ‘coffee clients’ you need to fulfil your income goals. 
The $2k/month client package that you should offer and WHY this is so valuable to the people looking for this service.
The exact email campaign that will consistently get you monthly ‘Coffee clients.” 
Well worth checking out!
Look forward to seeing you there, 
Marketplace SuperHeroes.
P.S. Make sure you check out my interview with Ben below.
Ben is such a cool dude and covers a ton about how he’s been helping this untapped niche!

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 Register Now: Coffee Money w/ Ben Adkins

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