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Right now?

The greatest opportunity happening right in front of our eyes is starting an eCommerce business.

Because of the global pandemic and retail collapse, over $21.6 TRILLION dollars of people’s money is shifting from retail stores to online shopping!

You don’t have to wait 10-15 years for it to happen to take advantage of it… It’s here NOW, today! It’s happening!


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On a side note?

With everything going on in the world right now, we kinda missed giving enough attention to a really great thing that happened a few days ago…

SpaceX successfully launched its first-ever human-equipped rocket for NASA.

This is THE first space launch from the US soil since 2011 and the end of a space shuttle program… And it’s the first-EVER private human vehicle to head to orbit…

And this is important for two reasons:

#1: SpaceX just broke the “4-minute mile” – we’re going to see a lot more privately-built space vehicles launching into orbit, starting with Boeing in 2021… Virgin Galactic… and many more in the near future…

#2: Commercial space flights are just around the corner – quite expensive at $20m/seat, but we have to start somewhere…

Why am I bringing this all up?

To make an important point – there are new opportunities emerging all the time…


Think about space travel for a second… In the next 10-15 years, we’ll probably have space hotels for tourists. 

This will require all kinds of new tech and innovation. More money will be poured into research & development… More business opportunities will emerge from all that. More money will be made.

There are some amazing opportunities emerging all the time – if you know how to spot them and use them.

And in this current situation RIGHT NOW, YOU can be at the front of the greatest wealth transfer in history.

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See ya there,

Matt Clark, CEO of Amazing, Inc.


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