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[SECRET] COVID To Boost My Sales, Here’s How

Hey AMZReader,

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you would have known that COVID brought the world to its knees…

But not everyone got affected negatively.

In fact, while everyone else in the world laid people off, Amazon hires 100,000 new staff to keep up with the demand (Google it – it’s true)

What does that mean to us?

A lot actually. With the world forced to stay indoors and shop online for everything, sellers like myself and many of my students (and you) used this opportunity to double down and scale our businesses while everyone else pulled back.

Just think about it for a sec…

Even when all of this ends and we find a vaccine, majority of the world is now used to shopping online and Amazon is the number one platform that happens on, right?

So I put together the video at the bottom to help you capitalize on this event and use it to your advantage!

I am not saying this whole thing is a blessing, not at all. It is still unfortunate for many people and my heart goes out to them. But online businesses like FBA will thrive in times like this more than ever.

Watch the video and see what you can do to find products that will continue to generate you money even after all of this passes.

And like I have said before, stay tuned for more training coming your way in a few days.

Stay safe,

Tamara ?


 [SECRET] COVID To Boost My Sales, Heres How

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