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Six-Figures/year Ecom Business Model Revealed !

 Six Figures/year Ecom Business Model Revealed !
If you want to build a serious Amazon business online

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I’ll like to show you a step by step Amazon blueprint that the top sellers are using to hit six and seven figures per year.

There’re six steps to them and I’ll suggest you stay real close to your inbox so you miss any of the next 7 to 8 emails I’ll be sending your way from today.

So, quickly, here’s the first step:

Choose A Very BIG Niche Market

You see, a lot of people misunderstand “niche marketing.”

Niche marketing means focusing on a specific target market – dating, losing weight, yoga, etc.

Niche marketing does NOT mean targeting the smallest market possible, which is what most people do.

Remember these words: BIG MARKETS ARE BETTER.

Amazon is a game of volume.

It’s like Google SEO in that way – you are playing with the traffic volume that is already there.

There is nothing that you can do to make more search for your keyword more;

to be successful, you need to have something of value in a market that is already really big.

In other words, if you’re inventing something new, Amazon isn’t necessarily your best channel

(although I would still advise that person to have a presence on Amazon, that is not the model we’re after).

I’ve been fairly public about the fact that one of my markets is yoga – Zen Active Sports –

and this company currently does somewhere between $10,000 and $25,000 per month in sales.

Look, they didn’t have to invent a new yoga widget, they just provided what people already wanted – mats, blocks, towels, etc, and their strategy is to rank for keywords around those products.

And just if you completely have no idea of what product to sell.

Well, I got your back.

Here’s where you can get 100 high-in-demand products that are each doing over 180k per year and you can have it all by clicking on the link below:


I’ll continue from here next time

Nick Tsai

 Six Figures/year Ecom Business Model Revealed !

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