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Some People Are Funny…

One thing I find funny is the huge difference between the way people approach a ‘coffee shop’ style business against an online eCommerce business.
Many people will have you believe the coffee shop-style business is the real business, whereas an online business isn’t.
My guest today is the proof in the pudding that an online Amazon business is a real business…

v1 Some people are funny...
Loretta is somebody we’ve had on the show before, and since then she’s actually become an integral part of our coaching team here at MPSH!
She used to own a cafe and wanted to create herself an exit strategy – so she started her Amazon business on the side as a side hustle and has since launched over 1,000 products and turned things into more than just a full-time income!
She now has the freedom to choose when and where she ‘works’ as well as who she does business with.
But more importantly
Loretta has built a business around her lifestyle – something owning a coffee shop would probably never deliver!
I’d love to hear what you think – this one is really inspiring.
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 Some people are funny...

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