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Teacher Gets Taught

Believe it or not, I have had many students start and grow their business to levels beyond mine!

And no, I am not jealous about it because that is EXACTLY what I want for them.

Because it is always going to be about getting you guys results… I put in my half of the work and helping any way I can, and you put in your half of the work by applying and executing.

That’s it!

And this is one of those examples right now. This is Katherine, she has grown her FBA business to immense sizes. Now she has a handful of full time employees and a full range of products online…

AND she did all of this in under a year!

Katherine sheds a lot of light on her journey and I want you to watch it to see how she managed to do all of that while looking after her family.

That video is right down below.

She actually is one of my biggest supporters and helpers in the private group because she also understands that this is all about helping other new sellers get to where they want to be. We all started at square one!

I’ll see you in the next one!

Tee ?


 Teacher Gets Taught

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