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The (1) Technique I Use Daily To Find Sell-Worthy Products…


Hey AMZReader,

You would think the start of a new decade would be less chaotic. But that hasn’t proved true.

So I don’t want to take a bunch of time today.

But I do want to let you know about something that’s coming up quick here.

And honestly…

It’s the perfect thing to help you streamline your e-commerce launch goals, even when you have ZERO time left!

Like right now.

Let’s first make sure this is something that could help.

  • Do you browse amazon and think of small changes that would make a product WAY better?
  • Ever see a product and say “I can’t believe I didn’t think of that before” ?
  • Ever wonder how many units a seller is moving… per day, per month, or all year?

If so, this email is FOR YOU!

I’ve seriously got something that can streamline your product finding process. It lets you do a whole years worth of ‘research’… in less than a month!

You may not know about it yet. But it’s the technique all the big Top Choice sellers on Amazon use to discover new untapped markets and products.

I use it myself, daily!

Before reading further. Make sure some of this applies to you:

  • Are considering selling on Amazon but not sure what product will make the most
  • Know 100% That you NEED to start with a Top Choice product, on your first launch!
  • Feel like if you knew how to predict sales — you would get WAY more excited about your new Amazon FBA business
  • Tired of spending countless hours browsing Amazon for product ideas and niches
  • Not 100% sure you want to start an FBA business, but sorta interested and want to see what the numbers look like.

If any of that is you…

Keep your eye out for my next email.

And the email after that.

As I’ve got two big things to tell you.

The SECOND big thing is what I was talking about above. It’s the technique that streamlines product research so you can accomplish a year of ‘in the trenches’ research in a day or two!

But first…

I’m going to let you know what else I’m going to give you. It’s the essential component that virtually guarantees you will not only find a Top Choice product to sell, but complete your mission — i.e. get your product live and moving — all within 90 days or less.

Why am I hyping this up so much?

Because I use it everyday. And I know how powerful it has made my business.

It’s what separates my Amazon Products from all those page 2 and page 3, wannabes!

And I want you to be up there at the top with me!

Lucky, there are enough product ideas to go around 🙂

Check your inbox in a day or two. I’m wrapping up details right now and will send it all your way when it’s final.

Your Empire Awaits…

JT Franco


 The (1) Technique I Use Daily To Find Sell Worthy Products...

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