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The Amazon Army ?️

Last night, I was out with one of my girlfriends and his boyfriend.

She lives in downtown, pretty close to me so it was always fun to get together and have a couple drinks…

It was my first time meeting her boyfriend because he was always out of town…

Anyways, he is built like a tank… even baggy clothing won’t hide his huge muscles haha ?

I excused myself to go to the bathroom and my friend came with me.

I asked, “what’s up with your man?” (Not in a rude way or anything)

Long story short, he is from the Army

But he looked like an ordinary guy – you’d expect like a huge scar on his eye and tattoos all over his arms and body like you would in movies…

Nope, clean cut, well kept, great hygiene, but VERY QUIET!

It was only when he started talking that you could tell he was different.

Almost every sentence ended with “sir” or “ma’am” and he was very direct and well-mannered.

Something you don’t ever get from many people, you know what I mean lol

He always gave his full attention to you.

That’s why he was super polite, his training was intense and the years of drills and work he did made him into what he is today.

Anyways, I could only imagine what he must have gone through, I’ve heard of how difficult “bootcamp” is…

But geez, he’s an awesome guy!

Then I reflected on myself, how am I with my students?

Was I like a drill sergeant hammering on them constantly in order to ensure their survival?

Nah, not really… but I am hard on them to some extent.

I want to make sure that they succeed in Amazon FBA…

So I give them the hard truth to everything, even though it may hurt their feelings but I feel that is required.

I know what works and what won’t and if it won’t, believe me, I will tell you that so make sure to leave your emotions at the door.

And that’s what I do, day in, day out, I make sure that my students get the most attention and drill them hard so that they have the best chance of survival in the battlefield called “Amazon”.

If you are someone that needs tough love and honest truth because you want to be a winner in the Amazon FBA business, then make sure to ➡️ join me today and let’s turn you into something incredible! ⬅️


As for my friend’s boyfriend, turns out he CAN loosen up – but only after a few drinks in him haha

He was a light weight (but so am I) and a hilarious guy!

Till next time.


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 The Amazon Army ?️

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