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The Costco Phenomenon (And How To Solve The Hardest Hurdle In E-commerce)



The hardest hurdle to get over as a new online seller is: TRUST!

If customers don’t trust you, they don’t buy.

Costco has trust. Amazon has trust. To build this trust they’ve both endlessly innovated and delivered what they’ve promised for decades!

But the best part is…

Amazon allows you to profit from the trust they’ve already established. Imagine if Costco allowed you to put a product in their store. Instant cashflow right?

Pretty much!

But to get into Costco… you have to have DEEP pockets.

To get on Amazon… you can start with a MUCH smaller budget.

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Amazon is one of the only companies that has successfully incorporated the Costco Phenomenon.

When you signup for Costco (…or Amazon Prime)

You become one of the club.

And you start searching out what other products you can buy to ‘make the most of your membership’

With over 150 million prime households worldwide…

You get the picture.

But are you in yet?

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  • Are those 150 million households buying from you?
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Your Empire Awaits…

– JT Franco


 The Costco Phenomenon (And How To Solve The Hardest Hurdle In E commerce)

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