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The Most Powerful Word In The World

 The Most Powerful Word In The World
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Can you guess what the single most powerful word in the world is?

It’s the word FREE!

And it’s the key to unlock huge dropping profits.

Now, I know it might be a little counter-intuitive, considering we’re trying to make a profit selling products online, not give them away for free… But, hear me out.

Let’s take a watch as an example. You can find plenty of eye-catching watches on Amazon, for as little as $5.99.

Although you won’t be charging for the product itself, you can use a method known as “free + shipping” to offer your audience a product that is essentially FREE, while earning a massive profit by only asking them to cover price of shipping.

Let’s say the watch+shipping costs you around $9-$10…

By charging the shipping $15.99, you’ll get a nice tidy profit for each sale you make.

Add a sense of urgency by making the offer limited, and you’ll see the money quickly pile up!

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 The Most Powerful Word In The World

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