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This Young Couple Makes $58k/month Selling On Amazon ?

Hey Amzreader. Did you get a chance to watch Andrea’s success story?

Andrea and Felix were looking for ways to earn more income and monetize the following they had on Instagram.
If you thought that all influencers on who have hundreds of thousands of followers are making money from their social media accounts, then think again!
Many of them are NOT making money. Why?
Because they don’t realize that in order to make sustainable income as an influencer, you’ve got to sell something of value to your audience… whether it’s a product or a service. 
That’s what Andrea and Felix soon realized… so they did some research and discovered the opportunity of selling physical products on Amazon.
They enrolled in the Amazing Selling Machine course and started to implement everything they were learning in the training.
They signed up for the program through me and were able to take advantage of my coaching bonus package.
Felix is an artist, so his following on Instagram were all people who loved art. 
They thought to themselves… well what product could we sell on Amazon that we could also sell to our existing followers on Instagram?
That’s when they decided to sell acrylic paint and the brand Color by Felix was born! ?
Fast forward to the present moment and they are rolling in $58,000 per month in sales on Amazon alone. They’re also expanding to sell on their on Shopify store as they grow their product line.
What a power couple! 
If you’ve been thinking about starting your Amazon FBA business this year, then you won’t want to miss out on the Amazing Selling Machine 12 which launched earlier last week.
It’s the step-by-step online course that teaches you exactly how to build an Amazon FBA business from scratch. No experience necessary. It’s the same course that I took in 2014 (although updated) and it’s the same course Andrea and Felix took. 
I’ve put together and awesome bonus package which includes 22 unique bonuses all designed to help you succeed. 
Included in my bonus package is group coaching for eight weeks and private email coaching.
But it will expire on Monday, June 22nd at 11:59 PM PST (3 days from now).
If you sign up before the deadline, you’ll get access to my bonuses along with ASM’s bonus package all for the price of just the course alone. 
If you have questions, you can chat with me on my bonus page by clicking the red chat bubble at the bottom right.
To your Success & Fulfillment,
Tatiana James
P.S  If you already signed up for the course but didn’t sign up using my link and would like to take advantage of my bonuses, please email your ASM receipt to and I can hook you up!
P.P.S Want to hear more inspirational stores? Click here to watch some testimonials from real ASM members from all over the world. 

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 This young couple makes $58k/month selling on Amazon  ?

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