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Track 100 Amazon Keywords For 90 Days … Free.

You’ll want to use this tool.

image image image bfd8 image Track 100 Amazon keywords for 90 days ... free.

Hi, AMZReader,

Now you can track 100 Amazon keywords for 90 days free.

You’ll want to take a look at this tool.

As an Amazon seller you know keywords are the backbone of your success. Which means a good keyword tool adds huge value to your operation. With this offer you get 100 keywords free for 90 days.

Now you can:

  • Visualize keyword ranking and spot trends with comprehensive graphs.
  • Add notes, mark changes and gain critical oversight of your keywords.
  • Master keywords for any product.
  • Use split testing, sort and review results.
  • Find the keywords you rank for organically, then target those to supercharge the effectiveness of your bids.
  • Daily updates to number of reviews and star rating give you a quick analysis of changes to your sales volume.
  • See where your competitors rank.
Get yours and get started today.


We’ve built this specialized Amazon keyword rank tracking tool so you know exactly where your products rank for which keywords 24/7, without having to manually search on Amazon.

See how your keyword rankings are impacted by changes you make to your listing, and target your advertising to rank higher organically.

Let’s face it, knowing how you’re ranking for keywords is critical to understanding your product and tailoring your marketing.

In the tool keywords are indexed and displayed with their rank each day.

Click any project to see a Summary grid for all keywords for that ASIN project:

image image image image image Track 100 Amazon keywords for 90 days ... free.

  1. Click a Project/ASIN.
  2. See all the Keywords for that Project/ASIN.
  3. See the Summary grid with rows and dates for each Keyword.
Color code, see historical graphs, track competitors, add notes in order to review performance and spot changes that may be affecting your rank.

Thanks AMZReader. Grab your free MBS Keyword Tracker today.

It’s our contribution to supporting Amazon sellers during these challenging times.

 Track 100 Amazon keywords for 90 days ... free.

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