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Hey, Stephen here…
I’m writing this email from my home office today.
It’s where I’ve been working from most of the time for the past few months.
Usually, it’s the office with Lisa and Tony (ah, pre-COVID times!)
I also am a big fan of heading into a local coffee shop for some focused work.
Now, while there’s nothing particularly special about a coffee shop, or working from home, there is something amazing that you can do from these places.
Let me show you…

ytm [Video] Ben’s high paying side hustle
A few days ago, I sat down with my good friend Ben and we got talking about how he’d been building an incredible side income stream – all while drinking coffee in a shop that was a few miles from his house.
I first ran into Ben at an event in Florida and for the past 6 years I’ve been learning from him. I have personally invested thousands of dollars into his training material.
And honestly?
I can tell you Ben’s knowledge has been directly responsible for well over 7-figures in the businesses we run today.
Oh and by the way…
If you enjoy the interview (which you will!) Ben will be joining me LIVE this Thursday to talk more about his “Coffee Money” system, and how he’s been helping a drastically untapped niche grow their businesses (and how you can too!)
Simply click on the “REGISTER FOR THE WEBINAR” button underneath the interview and grab your seat.
It’ll be a limited-seat live training and trust me, it’s going to be good!
Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s email – I’ll make sure to give you some more details in there!
Catch you tomorrow,
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 [Video] Ben’s high paying side hustle

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