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What Real Secrets Look Like

Hi ,

Nick here.

We hear the word secret used in marketing all the time…

But what on earth does it mean?

Probably anything. However…

Here are some
real secrets to crush it with information products online, especially if you’re just starting out:

#1: Less is more.
People would rather pay half as much for 1/10th of the information as long as it’s the most important information.

#2: Outcomes > Education
. People don’t want to learn, they want to remove limits.

#3: Desperation.
The more desperate someone is for a solution, the bigger the chance they’ll take on any solution, even if they think the solution is unlikely to work.

#4: Feelings.
The better you can make someone feel about following your solution, the more likely they are to actually get a benefit.

I call these “secrets” because
most people just aren’t aware of them and/or they don’t show up often in the real world. So if you can use them, you will greatly profit.

To unpack these further so you can quickly profit from them, I recommend you watch this free on-demand training here:

…where you’ll be shown exactly how to take these 4 secrets into action for real.

-Nick Tsai

 what real secrets look like

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