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Where To Buy Your Product For Peanuts?

 Where To Buy Your Product For Peanuts?
Hi again

From the past few day, I have shared with you some steps to start building a successful Amazon business

Today is the third step.

I’m going to show you a ‘sneakily’ easy way to get all your product cheap and sell them for about 6X the value.

Sites like,, and make this really simple, but it takes some digging to find good ones who will provide what you need.

If you go to Alibaba and just type in something you’re interested in selling, you’ll find a plethora of sellers who are already supplying it.

And another thing you should note is that when browsing Alibaba, always contact the manufacturer to get the true quote.

They will often display a lower price than their actual price.

I won’t lie – this process can take a bit of legwork.

I recommend that you order a sample from each of the suppliers (they’ll give them to you cheaply)

and that you negotiate as though you are already a player –

NEVER tell them that you are new.

You can also browse Google for this, just by typing in “baby toy wholesale supplier” and digging into the results.

It takes some digging, but there is always a supplier.

If there isn’t, then have no fear – just choose a different product.

If you’re dead set on getting a supplier from the US, you’re going to be hard-pressed for luck.

The US is good at a lot of things, like starting businesses,
voting for really bad politicians,

and gossiping about celebrities…

but they are lousy at creating physical products that can compete with China’s prices.

You can say what you want about the politics around it,

but the profit margins just aren’t there to go with a US supplier on most products.

They are only a few exceptions though.

And the best way you can really run your business is when you can automate almost everything.

And what I show how you can automate your business and build up into a six-figure business?

Here’s the link below…


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Nick Tsai

 Where To Buy Your Product For Peanuts?

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