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Yep, I’m Excited For MONDAY! ?

I haven’t been THIS excited for a Monday in a very long time…
And that’s because I got to interview an unbelievably great guest recently.

1 Yep, I’m excited for MONDAY! ?
Ryan Levesque is somebody I’ve been learning from for many years – I was actually part of his high-end mastermind back in the day that seriously helped me on the road to entrepreneurship.
So it was an honour to have him on the channel to talk about how he’s making tidal waves in the online world right now.
“Who the heck is Ryan Levesque?!”
Ryan started his business during the 2008 recession…
He’s written 2 bestselling books…
Made the INC500 list of the fastest-growing companies…
And built successful businesses in over 23 different niche markets, generating well over $32M in sales with ONE single tool…
Now before you think I’ve lost my mind, hear me out.
The goal for any business owner is to have more customers, right?
Yet most of them are going about it completely the wrong ‘outdated’ way.
Gone are the days of customers coming to a business’s online store/website, then waiting for the business to figure out what they want.
That strategy has run its course and is completely ineffective for ONE simple reason:
It relies on a ‘one-size-fits-all’ message which basically means many business owners are literally throwing money away HOPING customers buy from them.
That’s where Ryan has a competitive advantage – and why this is a MASSIVE opportunity for you that we talk about inside the interview.
And here’s the kicker…
Quizzes get customers to tell you what they really want.
The result?
It absolutely CRUSHES the old-fashioned strategy of waiting (and hoping) that customers buy from you.
And that’s where you come in.
This is something MILLIONS of businesses are literally crying out for (including ours!)
It’s a HUGE opportunity where you can offer this as a service to businesses who want more customers – which I can tell you now there’s absolutely no shortage of! 
Ryan goes into depth on this stuff and it’s like NOTHING I’ve ever seen OR heard anyone talk about before!

>>> Go watch the interview here

Marketplace SuperHeroes.
P.S. I know it’s short notice but TODAY – and all this week…
Ryan is hosting three live workshops where he’s going to be sharing how YOU can use quizzes to grow a great side income WITHOUT any need for a pre-existing business, website or experience.
This is a service that business owners are crying out for – and an opportunity you should jump on if you’re keen to make a great side income to further fund your existing business!
> Today’s LIVE Quiz Workshop is happening at
9pm UK / 4pm ET / 1pm PT
(Once you land on that page, you’ll also see Ryan is giving away a TON of his proven quiz funnel templates and sharing real-life case studies so you can see for yourself exactly how this works.)
P.P.S if you can’t make today’s live workshop – don’t panic!
Ryan has lined up two more live sessions later in the week:
Wednesday 17th: 9pm UK / 4pm ET / 1pm PT
Friday 19th: 9pm UK / 4pm ET / 1pm PT

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 Yep, I’m excited for MONDAY! ?

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