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Hi there, AMZBooster.

I started Just One Dime to help as many people as possible experience the same financial freedom that I fought hard for. 

From driving Uber to coming back from $24,000 in debt, I know how it feels to struggle and eat dirt. When I finally got a mentor, I started to earn more margin faster. Now I get to be the mentor. Today, I and at least ten Just One Dime students are millionaires.

A lot of people are out there yearning to live free but haven’t found us. To reach more people, Just One Dime is now on one of the biggest platforms online—Reddit.

If you’re not familiar, Reddit is full of niche communities or “subreddits” where users post, comment, and upvote what they like.

But our Reddit community needs growth.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Go to  
  2. Click the red “Join” box near the top
  3. Upvote and comment on our content-packed posts—or even post a question or suggest an idea for our next video.

Thousands of inaccurate posts about Amazon FBA flood Reddit feeds.

Together, we can show them what a legit FBA resource looks like.

Kniepn’ it real,

8516 Anderson Mill Road Suite 200, Austin, TX 787298516 Anderson Mill Road Suite 200 • Austin, TX 78729 |

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 You Can Help Hundreds of Amazon Sellers

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