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You Just Never Know, Right? 🎫

image 11 image.30.image You Just Never Know, Right? 🎫

Yup, you read that right, 1 in over 28,000,000!!

And these “chances” are cheap either – $5 a pop. EACH!

Nuts, right?!

Well, there was about 15 of them so I guess that made their chances better????

Anyways, they have been doing this for literally 5 years now – every 2 weeks…

Did they ever win?

Clearly not, since they are still playing the game.

It even clearly states that the chances of getting killed in a terrorist attack was much higher!

Geez, who would have thunk…

It’s just a little crazy to me how many people actually spend their hard earned money on the lottery…

When the chances of winning in business and in life are MUCH BETTER than gambling it away on Lotto Max.

If you are someone that would rather invest money into building something that will make you money long term and it will feel like you’re winning small lotteries EVERYDAY, then join me today and stop throwing away those $5s each time you play.


But if you’re someone that would rather, basically, throw money away at a game that has the lowest chance of winning, then keep doing that and please don’t join.

As for the group of women that had been playing Lotto Max for the past 5 years…

The most they ever won was $5,000…

And split 15 ways, they each made $6…

Big win eh?!

What they don’t realize that after 5 years, giving $5 every two weeks, they have spent about $650 EACH in total…

Not a real win for anybody but the lottery, don’t you agree?

I would recommend to stop playing, but that’s just me.

Wishing you the best of luck,

Tamara Tee 💚

 You Just Never Know, Right? 🎫

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